There are very few things in the world of technology that can have almost the whole population perplexed and engrossed at the same time. The topic of cryptocurrency has been a major talking point all over the Internet since it came into the picture just over five years ago. Be it Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, these famous cryptocurrencies have left some people filthy rich and others scratching their heads.

With its sudden drop of more than 50% in just a matter of days, Bitcoin is the biggest talking point nowadays and has left people asking questions – Should I invest? Should I sell? Is it safe? Is it even legal? Well, we have a solution for you. After careful scrutiny, we have for you 10 books that we feel will help you understand cryptocurrency better and may help you in making more planned out investment decisions.

Blockchain Technology Explained

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So this is the first book we feel will help you understand and grasp the basic concepts of cryptocurrency such as mining, blockchain wallet, and different currencies. The book does not directly talk about investing; rather, it talks about how blockchain technology works and its future. Some other topics covered in this book include:

  • Problems that blockchain solves
  • How technology makes our institutions faster and cheaper
  • Whether technology could replace our institutions
  • What is the block and what is the chainHow companies are adopting blockchain

Digital Gold

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This book is written by a New York Times reporter who delivers his insights on the Bitcoin world and how it has transformed over the years. The book is generally an engrossing history of the currency that has taken over social media today. The book provides us with different opinions by different experts from different countries.

A very diverse set of views and opinions allow the reader to think from different perspectives and hence, make decisions that best suit him or her. If you think that you could do with something a bit more advanced then just wait till you check out the next few books.

Blockchain Revolution

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This is the third book we feel will enable you to gain more knowledge about the core and crucial technology behind Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium; just to name a few of the many famous currencies, so popular in the world today. Don Tapscott and his son Alex Tapscott bring us this well researched and expertly analysis on the technology that is leading the future from the front. They tell us how blockchain can go much farther than just being at the backend of cryptocurrencies and may have the potential to record anything virtually from birth or death certificates to even insurance claims. The book is just a great insight into where all this new technology can lead us to in the next few years.

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

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Two experts provide us with cutting edge guidance to the new asset class, crypto assets. They believe that this is the greatest investment opportunity put forth since the Internet. Bitcoin was the first of over 800 cryptocurrencies and to aid you; the book provides us with a clear and concise navigation of how to invest and survive in this new blockchain world. The book offers smart investment strategies and helps us make decisions to secure a strong financial position. Furthermore, it provides you with the following tools:

  • Techniques to manage the portfolio and maximize returns
  • Practical guides to wallets and exchanges
  • Predictions on the future of blockchain
  • A guide to navigate around a bubble

The book will provide a large variety of information that will help you slowly become a master of the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bible

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For many years, whenever the topic of cryptocurrencies arose, people only said things like “it’s a scam” or “it’s a bubble” or “it’s too much based on luck” or “no country will ever accept it.” I mean let’s be honest, most of us did not even take Bitcoin or Litecoin seriously.

Well, we were wrong. The book tells us about how far the currency has come in little time. It speaks the truth about the ever-changing dynamics of the crypto world and how it is pretty much impossible to make investment decisions alone. Most people do not have the time and experience to sit and learn about these things, but thankfully for us, a book such as this one was published. It talks about:

  • What way of investing suits you best
  • Where should you start
  • How to develop and build on a strategy

It’s a very big thumbs up from our side so give it a read; you might just learn how to get lucky.

Cryptocurrency: 5 Expert Secrets for Beginners

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Another guide to how and where a person could start investing in this area. For just $6.95, it’s an absolute bargain into the insights of expert investors. It will help you get familiarized with the new concepts and terminology and assist you in setting up a strategy. Who knows, this book may turn out to be your best investment yet.

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World

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Don and Alex Tapscott again give a wonderful analysis and study of the crypto world. Another highly rated read and recommendation from our side.

The Age of Cryptocurrency

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An extensive case into the Bitcoin world and how it has challenged the global economy. Wall Street journalists deliver definitive answers and arguments to the pandemonium created by the cryptocurrencies. With a brilliant rating, it is a personal must read.

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors Guide

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Two experts provide us with cutting edge guidance to the new asset class, crypto assets.

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

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Assisting you every step of the way to the top, this is your guide through the complex world of cryptocurrencies, providing us with analogies, improved discussions, examples, and that little push to enhance your knowledge and passion.


So there we are, ten absolute master class books that will help you climb the ladder of success step by step and allow you to gain a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency and implement that practically and make some serious cash. But again, the right mindset and strategy is crucial. So before the stock runs out, we suggest you to hurry up purchase (and read!) the books mentioned above to carry out the expert investment tactics yourself.