We are in a world where technology and communications have bound us to each and every corner of the world. Some would call this an achievement while some others are apprehensive of all their data being there somewhere. If there ever was a global entity who was to control all the flow of cash around the world at all points of time, it is truly great, isn’t it? Primitive registration forms and the signature of the individual, can all be made away with, only to be replaced by much higher and safer option, but only under the consent of the individual.

Crypto has been in focus as a remedy for surveillance conducted by government agencies. Also, when we look in depth, we realize that government has advantageously twisted the word “identification” in a way that serves their elitist goals and higher aims. Now, with the scrutiny being so fine and minute, down to the last detail, government documentation is now the only way to access certain things like residing in a country, driving a car and boarding a plane. These vulnerable people have surrendered all their information to the government – bank accounts, property details, where they can be found, etc. Identification is now made a prerequisite by the government in today’s life.


Free Market ID:

Most individuals readily accept the government’s definition of everything, right from privacy to crime. The antithesis of government or control of society id nothing but Free Market ID. It goes to a different level where even the traditional name or address that is valid is not required.
Back to what happened at the beginning of civilization, bartering was carried out on a day to day basis. People trusted who they bartered with. Slowly, the system became complex and evolved so as to carry out trade and barter with total strangers in safe ways. The mainly accepted way was to know WHO you are dealing or bartering with. That led to the root of the need for identifying everyone and everything.

Objections to Free Market IDs:

As the days go by, the number of objections to the Free Market IDs are only rising day by day. Some of the most common reasons for objecting are: They are not relevant to the modern world, they are not uniform, they are a slow and tedious process, etc. If examined closely, these can be turned into outright advantages.
Anonymity was not welcome back in the olden days, Anonymity holds good in today’s context because your identity is not being disclosed to unwanted agencies like the government.


A revolutionary approach to privacy is given by the cryptocurrencies. The major aspect of the Satoshi Revolution which is often over looked is that a paradigm shift is occurring. This means that an individual has control over the data that he is sharing and who he is sharing the data with. It makes you feel much safer and less exposed.