KFC Canada has recently launched its Bitcoin bucket of chicken which can be bought for by transacting in bitcoin. As per company sources the move has gone viral on social media. Though, the practicality of this move is still questionable.

Bitcoin transactions are not very fast. Also there is a fee that needs to be paid while carrying out such transactions which is more than the actual cost of the bucket. People would prefer to personally go to the KFC outlet to buy themselves the bucket rather than waiting a long time for the transaction to complete.

The bucket would include some waffle fries, tenders, gravy and dips. The limited offer is priced at a sum equivalent to twenty Canadian dollars. The exact sum would depend upon the exchange rate at that time. The promotional page of KFC Canada has included a live update of the rate. It can be paid through the KFC check out page through the option BitPay.

This new marketing move might be gaining popularity on social media but it is doing nothing at the stock exchange. KFC’s parent company, Yum! Brands has not seen any significant rise in its stock prices after this announcement.

KFC is considering accepting other cryptocurrencies too.